Water Work

photos by M. Taylor

                                        photos by M. Taylor

The Newfoundland is the ultimate water dog. They have a water resistant double coat that allows them to swim in cold water. Their deep chest and large lung capacity allows them to swim for long distances. The dog's well muscled tail acts as a rudder and their swimming style resembles the breast stroke more than the dog paddle.

Not all Newfoundlands take to the water the first time they are introduced to it, but with care and understanding, a Newf can begin water rescue instruction as early as four months of age. Teamwork is the basis for this and all other training you will do with your dog. The Newf can be taught to retrieve objects from the water, tow a boat to shore, rescue a drowning victim and at the senior level, jump off a boat to save someone.

Whether you decide to train your Newf for water rescue work or just want to have fun with him/her at the lake, introducing your Newf to the water can be very rewarding and is the best form of exercise for you and your Newf.

There are 3 titles that can be achieved when it comes to water work:

WD - NCA Water Dog title, basic water rescue work

WRD - NCA Water Rescue Dog title, advanced water rescue work

WRDX - NCA Water Rescue Dog Excellent title, the highest water rescue work title